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In fleeting top notes Myrtle, fragile as the promises of love, encounters the preciousness of saffron, merging into an indomitable desire for eros.
The luxuriant notes of honey are exalted by the jasmine night breeze that pervades the home of the chaste lovers, among the frescoes, on a thalamus of rose petals.

The mysterious notes of incense and sweet vanilla blend with the oriental contamination of amber and labdanum that fades into the ancient aroma of agar wood, sealing the essence of Castiamanti, expression of rich Pompeii.

100 ml – Parfum

Top Notes:
Alloro, Zafferano, Mirto

Heart Notes:
Gelsomino, Rosa, Miele

Base Notes:
Incenso, Muschio Bianco, Vaniglia, Ambra, Labdano,
Legno di Agar

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